Digital Innovations in Renting Your Home

Digital Innovations in Renting Your Home

We live in an extraordinary age of innovation. The tech boom has brought with it an endless variety of “smart” tools that allow us to become more and more hands-off (quite literally) in many of the regular activities of our daily lives. These digital innovations have naturally extended to the real estate markets where they are an invaluable asset to property investors and managers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the digital tools and technology that are now available to make it easier and more manageable to rent your home.

Having the opportunity to view a home remotely can be important to many potential tenants, especially those who are seeking short-term rentals. It isn’t always possible to view the property in person, and a selection of photos may not satisfy every potential tenant. Many companies now offer virtual tour software, such as iStaging and TourWizard, which allow you to create 3D tours of your property.

Rental applications

Gone are the days of meeting a potential tenant in person to exchange documents, including rental applications. It’s now possible to collect all the information you need through a variety of apps and software. GoCanvas is an app that allows you to collect information in real time on your mobile device. Another popular app is Rent Application, which allows you to view the application instantly once it is submitted.

Tenant Screening

Digital tools allow property managers to screen tenants more thoroughly than ever before. You have the ability to conduct criminal background checks, rental history inquiries, income and employment verification, and credit checks with easy-to-use apps. provides criminal checks, credit reports and employee background checks from their a la carte menu of services. TenantAlert is another option that allows you to request payment from the prospective tenant to process the screening report.

Signature collection

The ability to virtually sign documents has transformed how contracts are processed in today’s world. DocuSign has been an industry leader for several years, allowing your tenants to securely sign agreements electronically. PandaDoc is another highly rated app that simplifies the process of document creation and execution.

Rent collection

Getting paid in time and in full is a priority for all serious property managers. Digital innovations make that process easier for both tenants and managers. These tools make it possible for tenants to pay rent directly from their bank account to yours, using their computer or smart phone. There are now many choices when it comes to rent collection. General payment apps like PayPal and Venmo make it easy for tenants, who may already be accustomed to using the application. There are also apps that are specific to the real estate market, such as RentPayment, that are simple to use on any device.

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